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Sat, Feb. 4th, 2006, 01:25 pm

i'm at home, which feels really weird to say, which also more or less means we're done with the better part of this road trip shit; ben's down in Our Nation's Capital with his family, i'm going to put a few weeks up here in the northeast part of this country before i make my first long term commitment in who the fuck knows how long to mama nola. and man, i sure as hell didn't come back here to sit alone in this apartment in front of this computer. i miss my mom like fucking whoa!, but she's in montreal till tomorrow rolls around. i was driving across the george washington bridge last night and i saw the NYC skyline and my heart exploded, i was so fucking happy to be in a place where i actually fucking indepently know my way around. i came home and took a shower and dropped some shit off and then i went downtown with some bronx people, and we walked all around the lower east side and union square, and i just started feeling really fucking depressed. we walked by all these places that are loaded with a shit ton of memories from the years that i managed to somehow survive, like standing at a table in pie (that pizza place off union square) sharing pizza and soda, like waiting for nora in one of the studios at peridance, like going to sam's shows at arlene's grocery with twenty other TIV folks. and there's more! and that's only downtown! i don't know. it put my head in a knot, made me ridiculously aware that, for me, anyway, one of the biggest parts of this growing up shit has been getting as far away as i can from things that i loved at one point. with that in mind, i got drunk with all these kids i've known since grammar school until way early in the morning, and that is the best thing, being easy in the company of excellent people who've known you forever. and now here i am, calling people, bathing in my music (my stupid fucking ipod erased itself in november, so i've gone without my music for two months, which was kinda what i think not having hands and eyes would feel like), doing this dumb internet bullshit. i don't know. uhh, the actual purpose of this post was to say, "i'm home, i'll be here until sometime in the third week of february, then i'm moving to new orleans," but i guess i like hearing myself talk. here's a song.

now i've watched you sitting there,
seen the passers-by all stare,
like you have no place to go,
but there's so much they don't know bout apple scruffs.

you've been stood around for years,
seen my smiles and touched my tears,
now it's been a long, long time,
and you've been on my my my my apple scruffs.

apple scruffs, apple scruffs,
how i love you, how i love you.

in the fog and in the rain,
through the pleasures and the pain,
on the step outside your stand,
with your flowers in your hand, my apple scruffs.

while the years they come and go,
now your love must surely show me
that beyond all time and space,
we're together face to face, my apple scruffs.

apple scruffs, apple scruffs,
how i love you, how i love you.

Sat, Feb. 4th, 2006 11:44 pm (UTC)


I live in the Bronx. You need to call me. Let's hang out TONIGHT! We'll drink beers and smoke cigarettes at the Prep.

914-629-9986. Call me!

For reals, dude!

p.s. I've left my number on your livejournal SO many times.
(Deleted comment)