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Sun, Feb. 19th, 2006, 03:36 am

basically i don't have very many problems. sometimes i worry about money (apparently that's part of being a responsible adult), sometimes i worry that my body's worse off than i suspect, sometimes i get caught up in not being focused on one thing. the worst things are the few fears, mainly the one where i'm scared that i'll go to college and end up losing all of this energy i've got and ending up feeling dead in one way or another for any number of things, but even so, i've got the feeling that i'll make out well at skidmore. the truth is that for the first time in years i find myself genuinely enjoying my life. i think that's because i've learned to submit to a lot of things. i got tired of trying to bust a circle into a square, so i just let things do what they want. i figure that i shouldn't make any specific plans, since big sky don't seem to factor in my plans. and due to that some things make me sad. i guess that i won't see many people a lot any more, that i won't have opportunities to really catch up with a decent number of people. and that i can't bring everything i want to bring with me, like my desk. eh. new orleans on thursday, mardis gras next tuesday. another number.

down south in new orleans,
the prettiest girls i've ever seen.
sparkling eyes, lips so sweet,
we make love to the rhumba beat.
my ship's at anchor,
suitcase's packed,
got a one-way ticket ain't comin back.
life's a pleasure,
love's a dream,
down south in new orleans.

my dark-eyed baby, i'm on my way,
back into your arms to stay,
i'm tired of work, i wanna play,
i'll make sweet love to you night and day.


i wanna drink too loose all through the street,
wanna kiss all the creole gals i see,
drink all day, dance all night,
do it wrong till i do it right.